Welcome to Gattaca: Your employer has all your medical records!

General By: Tad Lumpkin 8:40 am

(Bloomberg)- Documents stolen from Sony Corp. by hackers include detailed and identifiable health information on more than three dozen employees, their children or spouses — a sign of how much information employers have on their workers and how easily it can become public.

One memo by a human resources executive, addressed to the company’s benefits committee, disclosed details on an employee’s child with special needs, including the diagnosis and the type of treatment the child was receiving. The memo discussed the employee’s appeal of thousands of dollars in medical claims denied by the insurance company.

Another document leaked in the hack is a spreadsheet from a human resources folder on Sony’s servers that includes the birth dates, gender, health condition and medical costs for 34 Sony employees, their spouses and children who had very high medical bills. The conditions listed include premature births, cancer, kidney failure and alcoholic liver cirrhosis. The document doesn’t include employees’ names.

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SOURCE: Welcome to Gattaca: Your employer has all your medical records!http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-11/sony-hack-reveals-health-details-on-employees-and-their-children.html

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