The War on Drugs Is What Makes Thugs

Culture & Commentary By: Tad Lumpkin 3:27 pm

(The Daily Beast)- Why do blacks vent when a white cop shoots a kid but say little about daily black-on-black murder? Black outrage is selective—but rational.

On Ferguson, the respectable person isn’t supposed to say it, or even think it: that there’s something wrong with the fact that black people start burning things down when one white cop kills one black guy, but seem to think of it as business as usual that black boys and men regularly kill each other.

Michael Brown was, statistically, vastly more likely to be killed by a fellow black man than a single white one. Yet the black-on-black murder rate in Chicago this summer, to the people comparing Ferguson to Gaza, etc., is perhaps “regrettable,” but hardly cause for taking it to the streets.

That observation, typically dismissed as hostile right-wing boilerplate, is actually worthy of an answer, and not the one typically given—including by me.

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SOURCE: The War on Drugs Is What Makes Thugs

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