Thank You “Citizen Four”

Entertainment & Media By: Tad Lumpkin 3:03 pm

(The Bullet Wire)- I just got home from a screening of the Laura Poitras documentary on Edward Snowden “Citizen Four”. As a citizen of the United States or the world, for that matter, you need to go watch this film.  The film chronicles the period of time from Edward Snowden’s initial contact with Laura Poitras as a government whistleblower all the way through to Edward Snowden’s current life in Russia.

People talk about courageous men & women of history that take a stand when no one will, but we are actually getting to see one of these men’s courage play out right here, right now! This film shows a succinct layout of the Snowden revelations and the shocking ways that the government is trampling our civil liberties, but even more importantly it exposes the sociopathic and diabolical nature of power and the people who broker that power.

The mindset and moral condition of those building and using the system Snowden exposes is truly frightening.  The ease with which lies, misdirections, cover-ups and intimidation go on should be a mushroom cloud size warning sign that while you may be operating in good faith, they most certainly are not.

We are moving into a “Brave New World” ushered in by “1984″ tactics, and if you weren’t a libertarian when you walked into the theater you should be coming out.

Here is the Citizen Four trailer if you haven’t seen it:


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