People Are Getting Busted for Growing ‘Legal’ Weed in Washington

USA By: Tad Lumpkin 2:04 pm

Time to close the DEA...

(Vice)- There’s a sign welcoming visitors to a tiny town in northeastern Washington. It reads “Kettle Falls: 1599 Friendly People and One Grouch.” The small Columbia River city with a per capita income of $13,614 boasts of “excitement on the edge of wilderness,” according to its website.

Lately, much of that excitement has come in the form of DEA agents raiding property and federal investigators snooping around the general store for evidence of drug trafficking.

At the center of the sweep are 70-year-old Larry Harvey and his family, who garnered national attention recently after getting a slew of felony trafficking charges for growing marijuana on their property, despite having doctor-assigned medical marijuana papers. But the legally owned hunting rifles Harvey kept at home are the reason why federal prosecutors are seeking trumped-up charges and years in prison.

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SOURCE: People Are Getting Busted for Growing ‘Legal’ Weed in Washington

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