The Misguided Open-Carry Movement

Culture & Commentary By: Tad Lumpkin 5:24 pm

(Reason)- Having the right to do a certain something doesn’t mean that certain something is always the right thing to do. For example: Death-metal bands and hip-hop artists have a First Amendment right to celebrate depravity—and it certainly is a shame that some do. The Westboro Baptist Church has a right to preach that American soldiers die because God hates gay people—but nobody should say such vile things, even if they can.

The Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms—a guarantee the Supreme Court finally and belatedly got around to recognizing in the Heller and McDonald cases. Many strong constitutional, philosophical, and utilitarian arguments make the case for gun rights nearly overwhelming.

In many parts of the country gun enthusiasts also have a right to walk around bearing firearms that are openly visible—a practice known as open carry. Lately they have taken to carrying weapons openly into private businesses (which have the right to tell them not to). And some also have made a point of parading the public streets with their firearms on view, as some fellows did the other day in Carytown, a quaint and bohemian (for Virginia) corner of Richmond.


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SOURCE: The Misguided Open-Carry Movement

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