Leo DiCaprio Declares War on Western Industrial Civilization

Health & Environment By: Tad Lumpkin 2:40 pm

(Breitbart)- Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has declared war on Western industrial civilisation by funding and narrating a series of short eco documentaries urging us all to leave fossil fuels in the ground, cripple our economies with carbon taxes and embrace bird-frying, bat-chomping renewable technologies such as solar and wind.

The first film in the series on Carbon – co-written by liberal activist cum talk radio host Thom Hartmann – is riddled with basic errors, extremely dubious propaganda claims, and flagrant politicking on behalf of the more left-wing elements in the Obama administration. But DiCaprio may well have been unable to afford a fact-checker, owing to the fact that he was paid just $10 million for his last movie The Wolf of Wall Street – a catastrophic drop in the income he received for earlier movies, like Inception, for which he received nearly $60 million.

Here are some of the simple mistakes DiCaprio would have spotted, if only he had been able to scrape together the money for an entry-level production team.


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SOURCE: Leo DiCaprio Declares War on Western Industrial Civilizationhttp://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/08/22/Leo-DiCaprio-declares-war-on-Western-Industrial-Civilization/

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