Eva Moskowitz: Kids Best Friend and The Teachers’ Union’s Worst Nightmare

Culture & Commentary By: Tad Lumpkin 10:05 am

(The Bullet Wire)- Eva Moskowitz is one of the most important disruptive and entrepreneurial forces in existence in education today.  She is literally giving thousands of children an opportunity at a future they would not otherwise have. ReasonTV recently sat down with her to discuss education issues.

I have both an observation and a comment.  First, she is asked how she defines herself, and she answers, “I’m a liberal.”  She then goes on to talk about how we need to deconstruct central power and the union to liberate children and the education system; she talks about paying market rates for great talent in education…Can someone define the term liberal for me? Because that is in stark contrast to most others who call themselves liberals.. We have got to find a way to get all the corrupt and collectivist power eaters who go by different terms- liberal, conservative, progressive, republican, democrat, etc. – into one group and those who like human freedom and prosperity into another.  Eva, I hate to break it to you but your stance on education is far from the rest of those in power who call themselves “liberal”.

Second thing, these people she’s fighting, like Bill De Blasio and the teachers’ union, do not have good intentions.  We should stop acting like they do.  There are members of the union that have good intentions, but the overriding personality of the organism and the people who run it is power and corruption.  You can’t negotiate with these people.  They need to be stripped of power and the entire idea of anyone ever having that type of control crushed, with the power of choice being returned to the individual citizen.

As a reminder, we made a Shock & Awe Short about it..


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