10 Year Mortgage: One couple’s debt free mind set

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Financial Empowerment requires the elimination of a constant state of debt.

(Yahoo)- Kristin Swartzlander, 28, and her husband, Carl Bowser, 27, always knew they didn’t want to be tied down to a mortgage for long.

“My husband and I have unique careers,” says Swartzlander. “I’m a self-employed sports marketing consultant and he’s an up-and-coming race car driver – so it is important to us to have very little debt,” Swartzlander explains. “We can only take risks in our life if we have assets, not debts, so that’s why we’re working hard to pay off our home.”

With that as a focus, Swartzlander says they took all the necessary steps from the get-go to ensure they could pay off their mortgage in as little time as possible. “My husband and I are planning on paying off our home loan in 10 years or less,” she explains.

Here’s how they’re planning on reaching this mortgage-free goal…

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SOURCE: 10 Year Mortgage: One couple’s debt free mind sethttps://homes.yahoo.com/news/Pay-off-mortgage-in-10-years-232929601.html

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